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Wading in place, prints on ACM signage, 2020

Investigations into the past/present/future distributions and interactions of Kakī and Canterbury's waters. 

Observational drawings made over the course of residency at Te Matatiki Toi Ora The Arts Centre were offered to an home trained object detection model, taught by NHNZ's 1980 documentary The Black Stilt : A Bird Surrounded by Change.

The computer models offers up its own observations, seeking out the forms of kakī, their cohabitants, and their landscapes within wading spaces local to Ōtautahi Christchurch. 

Sites investigated during the residency included the River Avon, the historical springs of The Arts Centre, and the inner city demolition site/black billed gull colony.

Manufactured as public signage, these propositions were installed alongside the foundations of the old Boys' High Swimming pool, to think upon scales and passage of local waters and their inhabitants. 

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